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  • Museum Experience

    When I was fresh out of art school, and travelling alone in Japan, I visited the Mingei Kan, a folkcraft museum in Tokyo to check out their pottery collection. I came across a small display of a variety of handmade functional objects: cups, bowls, and [...]

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  • Bringing pots home

    I find it difficult to see my pots for what they are when they are in the studio. When I take them home and put them on the kitchen table they start to take on their own life. I get more of a sense of [...]

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  • Wooden Utensils

    We don`t usually use wooden spoons in America, I don`t know why, I much prefer them. They are light, fit well in my hand and they are never too hot or too cold. I always use wooden spoons with hand made pots, as they make [...]

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