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  • Wooden Spoons Book

    I spoke in a previous post about making wooden spoons. Well, I came across this Japanese book about carving spoons and its great. This kind of thing is something that the Japanese do so well. Despite living in the most high tech society, the Japanese [...]

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  • Wood Firing Kiln

    This kiln is a two chamber wood burning kiln built in 2001 by Donovan Palmquest. It is located in Northern Indiana. Its a pretty big kiln for me so I fire only a few times a year. The last time I did a firing was [...]

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  • Marks on pots

    Intuitively, I tend towards simple, monochromatic pots. When a plate is overly embellished it can distract from the food which is on it. It is difficult to get that balance right, to have enough detail to draw the eye but not too much to distract. [...]

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  • Wooden Utensils

    We don`t usually use wooden spoons in America, I don`t know why, I much prefer them. They are light, fit well in my hand and they are never too hot or too cold. I always use wooden spoons with hand made pots, as they make [...]

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