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  • Museum Experience

    When I was fresh out of art school, and travelling alone in Japan, I visited the Mingei Kan, a folkcraft museum in Tokyo to check out their pottery collection. I came across a small display of a variety of handmade functional objects: cups, bowls, and [...]

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  • Functional pottery

    There is a spectrum of different approaches to functional pottery, especially in this country. At one end are objects made purely for expression and at the other end are objects made purely for utility. You could say at the far end of utility is machine [...]

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  • 3 pots from the Freer Sackler Gallery

    The Freer Sackler Gallery in Washington has an amazing collection. I love to go there and I spend a lot of time studying their bowls from Japan, China and Korea. Here are 3 from their collection that I would like to share with you today. [...]

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  • Marks on pots

    Intuitively, I tend towards simple, monochromatic pots. When a plate is overly embellished it can distract from the food which is on it. It is difficult to get that balance right, to have enough detail to draw the eye but not too much to distract. [...]

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